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Rainbow Race 2017.12.03

In a distant land, there is a small town in Hong Kong Adventist Academy named "Rainbow Town". The villagers rely on this colorful town to sustain their life.

Recently, the color of the town has started fading away. In order to keep Rainbow Town colorful, the villagers formed a team of Rainbow Warriors to collect different colors.

Unfortunately, the Rainbow Warriors are very tired lately. There is no way to persevere Rainbow Town. It is in urgent need of your support…

Are you willing to accept this important task of helping Rainbow Town regain its colors?

If you are determined to become a Warrior and meet the following qualifications:

Brave, intelligent and agile.

Please fill in the application form and post it to Hong Kong Adventist Academy, 1111 Clear Water Bay Road, Sai Kung or sign up online

Date:3rd, Dec 2017 (Sunday)
Address: 1111 Clear Water Bay Road, Sai Kung

* Please read the event terms and conditions carefully before registration.
* The story portrayed in this activity is fictitious.
* parent-child activity
* first come first served